The History of Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat is an American brand of premium equipment for work and leisure. Along with Polaris and BRP, it is one of the three largest snowmobile manufacturers. Arctic Cat are popular in North America and Europe, but in our country the number of their owners is small. In this article, we will talk about the brand's snowmobiles and figure out why there are so few of them in Russia.

Arctic Cat snowmobiles stand out from the competition with their reliability, comfort and functionality. For example, in the 2022 model year, the company introduced the industry's first mid-cubicature snowmobile Blast XR Touring 4000. It is a compact touring model for groomed trails and off-roading. Arctic Cat Blast is unique single-cylinder two-stroke 400 cubic inch engine C-TEC2 4000 rated at 65 hp Thanks to the smooth traction snowmobile suitable for beginners.

Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat is the most powerful and fastest snowmobile brand. Equipped with a three-cylinder liter turbocharged engine, which is laid down 200 hp Model is ideal for high-speed rides on the rolled trails.

Some 2022 models are equipped with electric power steering - it improves driving comfort over long distances. Also, some configurations received a new ATAC active suspension. It regulates the characteristics of the track shock absorber and front ski shock absorbers on the fly. A total of three modes are available - soft, medium and hard. Switching is done in just half a second. The driver can save two front and rear suspension balance settings. There is a separate suspension setting for better rear travel.

Arctic Cat ZR racing models are interesting with professional equipment. For example, they are equipped with FOX Zero QS3R shock absorbers with Kashima coating, compression and rebound adjustments.

Mountain Cat Alpha One and Hardcore Alpha One mountain snowmobiles use ADAPT CVT as the transmission. The transmission features a narrow, lightweight design and an improved accelerator, which keeps the tension in the belt constant - making the belt last longer and the transmission responds more quickly to throttle. Arctic Cat mountain snowmobiles feature a Power Claw track. The Power Claw has a soft, supple design that gives you great traction when you're riding downhill.

There are very few Arctic Cat snowmobiles in the country because they are not imported. The only purchase option is to find a used machine. In this case, the operation of the snowmobile will be associated with difficulties - due to the lack of a dealer network, it will be impossible to quickly order parts and get branded service. Do not forget to use Arctic Cat VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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