The History of Subaru

In today's world, the Subaru brand enjoys considerable popularity. Especially in demand are Subaru cars among young people and rally sportsmen. Love for this brand is based on excellent handling and fast ride. However, few people know that the history of Subaru began with the production of airplanes, not cars.Subaru has never produced mass-produced vehicles and did not seek to become a giant in the auto industry. Those who give preference to this brand note its advantageous features: proprietary all-wheel drive system and opposition engine. In general, Subaru cars are a budget option with the characteristics of sports cars.

The history of the Subaru brand dates back to 1917. That's when the plant for the production of airplanes was established. Talented director Chikuhi Nakajima was able to unite the best engineers, who later proved that they can develop anything.

For a time, the planes were successfully marketed. But after World War II, no one to sell planes in their country and to stay afloat, in 1946, the company released a scooter Fuji Rabbit. This vehicle had a 135 cc engine and was equipped with small wheels borrowed from aircraft tail landing gear.Thanks to the affordable price in the difficult economic situation of Japan, such vehicles were in demand and popular.

In the early 50s, the organization broke up into 12 separate companies. And in 1953, five of them merged into a large corporation Fuji Heavy Industries. A little later a sixth firm was added. The founder of the corporation was Kenji Kita. It was decided to create a division for the production of cars. And already in 1954, consumers were presented the first passenger vehicle R-1. It was then that the new name for the vehicles appeared - Subaru.

The name for the cars was chosen by Kenji Kita. In Japanese, Subaru literally means 'pointing the way' or 'put together'. Subaru is a cluster of Pleiades stars in the constellation of Taurus.

The name is not chosen by chance, because despite the fact that in the Pleiades cluster there are more than 200 stars, but only six of them can be seen without special equipment. This is the number of companies that were united in the concern Fuji Heavy Industries.As for the logo for manufactured cars, then again, everything is logical and consistent. It is a blue oval with the image of six stars.

The history of Subaru is not limited only to the production of passenger cars. The company also tried its forces in motorsports. The corporation released a 12-cylinder 3.5-liter opposed engine to participate in Formula 1. It remained unclaimed, since at that time they did not have their own team, and the Minardi team, which they offered their brainchild, rejected it because of its large weight.

In the World Rally Championship (WRC) the company showed itself very well. The Prodrive tuning atelier prepared a Subaru Impreza for the races, on which Subaru pilots won the world champion title three times.

The history of the company Subaru has a lot of models, which became popular and in demand, or had a great influence on the development of production. It is possible to single out such most significant models:

Legacy - the present car was produced from 1989 to 2008 and numbered more than 3.6 million copies; Impreza WRX STI - the present model was produced since 1992 and was equipped with a turbocharged engine; Alcyone SVX - this model came off the company's assembly line from 1991 to 1997. It featured the most voluminous in the world 6-cylinder engine. Also a distinctive feature of this car was a unique 'window in the window'; Forester - this model has all the advantages of off-road. This four-wheel drive car had a station wagon body and a high ground clearance. With such a car it was possible to maneuver easily in the stream of cars without loss of speed. Do not forget to use Subaru VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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