The History of Winnebago

Winnebago Auto Manufacturing was founded in Forest City in 1958, when local businessman John C. Hanson was able to attract investment from California by building a small residential van and trailer plant in the city. In 1960, it was purchased by 5 local businessmen, which included John Hanson himself, after which the company changed its name to Winnebago Industries.

In 1963 the company developed their own design for the walls, called thermal panels, which significantly reduced the heat loss and weight of the trailers. This allowed a serious increase in sales and expansion into other states, as well as launching the development of motor homes, the first of which was introduced in 1966. The Winnebago model cost half as much as its competitors' cheapest counterparts. In 1970, the production capacity of the company was no longer enough to meet the demand, so a new plant was built. In 1977, the firm crossed the milestone of 100 thousand motorhomes sold, the first among the manufacturers of such equipment, and in 1986 - 200 thousand, which was also a record. In 2010, the company joined SunnyBrook RV.

Now Winnebago produces several dozen models of motorhomes and trailers (Raven, Winnie, Lite Five, Ultralite, One series), regularly developing innovative solutions to reduce the cost of production and in parallel improve the quality of produced models.

In August 2015, Winnebago executives announced the mass production of the new Era 4×4 van, which was unveiled in the spring of that year and attracted widespread attention. The company's engineers emphasized technical features specifically aimed at perfect off-road driving in any weather. The interior decoration, as in all previous models, will create a unique comfort and a feeling of real homeliness. Do not forget to use Winnebago VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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