The History of Toyota

Toyota is a real giant in the automotive industry, which is engaged in the creation, production and sale of cars and spare parts under the same brand name. It is not surprising that the brand is popular in most developed countries. Now it is difficult to meet those who would not heard about the cars of this brand and have not seen them on the roads of their country.

For many, this will be a real discovery, but the company Toyota counts its history long before the beginning of the production of cars. It all began about a century and a half ago, when Sakichi Toeda, a well-known businessman, moreover, recognized in Japan and the world as an inventor, as well as a businessman, created the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works.

As a result, in 1929, the original Toyota company (Toyoda Automatic Loom Works) made a deal to sell the patent for its own invention to British buyers. The sum that was obtained as a result of this contract would become the initial capital for launching automobile business, the main head of which would be the son of the businessman - Kiichiro Toeda.

After receiving 100 thousand pounds sterling, the real story of Toyota's creation begins. The entire sum was given to the eldest son, Kiichiro Toeda. The father wanted the heir not only to run the existing business, but also to try to gradually transform it for the production of cars. The head of the family was as confident as possible that cars were the future.

Already in two years, the history of the Toyota brand gets more or less modern outlines. Kiichiro heads a special department in his father's company. His tasks are solely car production, independent of the main textile focus of the main business.

By 1937, Toyota Motors becomes a truly separate and independent business. There is a separation of the car development department into a separate business. This year is considered a historical beginning of the automobile giant, although the name was slightly different then - Toyoda Motor Company, Ltd.

In the same year, 1937, the Toyota Motors Company was very lucky. The state paid attention to it and placed a big order for three thousand trucks, which later were used by the army of the country.

On the proceeds from the deal the first plant of the brand, placed in Koromo city, was built (it is noteworthy that in future it was renamed to Toyota, after the city-forming company). The Toyota Model AA was also fully rolled out, making the plant a one-stop shop for different types of customers.

Toyota's postwar history is not as gray and unsuccessful as it might have seemed at first glance. Despite a number of difficulties, in 1947 the brand managed to launch a new Model SA passenger car model into production and sale.

Another interesting point was the introduction of a new Kamban production concept, Lean Manufacturing. With its help, the brand optimized time costs, workers' efforts, use of materials and other things. And this led to a long-term leap in the development and growth of the company.

In the early '50s, there was another branching out in Toyota's history. An additional company, Toyota Motor Sales Co, appeared, which was engaged exclusively in car sales and lasted until the mid-1980s, when the merger led to the emergence of Toyota Motor Corporation. Do not forget to use Toyota VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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